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The You Network - Franchising For Serious Investors

Our Consultants

If you're serious about considering franchise ownership - then you want to work with The YOU Network.

We're the seasoned pros (average of 20+ years per consultant), the "grey hairs," the folks with the REAL experience needed to best help YOU.

We provide a FAR more comprehensive service to you - beyond just matching you to a franchise - as common brokers would. We compare more to an executive recruiter that would assist you in finding a new job, or to a "buyer's agent" that would help you "cover all of the bases" before buying a home. We provide you with thought-provoking counsel, sage advice, and hard-hitting direction every step of the way - so that you have the best opportunity for success. And, unlike any similar resource in franchising, we are available to you even after you buy.

And it costs you NOTHING.

In our model, franchisors pay us - you do not - for saving them time in finding qualified potential buyers.

And, we have all "walked the walk". Just a few of the many senior executive roles our consultants have owned include:

President and CEO, Business Owner, Franchise Founder, Franchisor, Franchisee, Master License Holder, Franchise Concept Developer, Strategic Planning Director, SVP, Director of Development, Published Author... and many more.


Just fill out the form below and an expert consultant will contact you within 24 hours. Or call 508-435-8798 now.

Yes, I would like to take advantage of the free service provided by The YOU Network in the United States. I understand that submitting the following form to The YOU Network does not create any obligation. The YOU Network will contact me via email, or phone to provide additional information about the options and choices available to me. I will not be asked by The YOU Network to pay any fee for their services during this process.

NOTE: While all franchise investments are different, you should know in advance that you will need a minimum of $40,000 liquid capital (cash savings, securities, home equity) and a net worth of at least $300,000 to meet the investment requirements of the quality franchise companies we work with.

ALSO NOTE: If you have money invested in IRA's or 401K's, you may potentially qualify to leverage this to purchase your franchise business - without early withdrawal penalties. For more information, fill out the form below, and discuss with your consultant.

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