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The You Network - Franchising For Serious Investors

We like to say we're your trusted ally.

The straight-talking resource YOU need to really get your facts straight and make informed decisions about franchising.

The greatest fallacy that occurs among people who are unfamiliar with franchising is their thinking that franchise companies are just lined up and ready to “take their money.” There certainly are some franchisors who would be happy to sell to you – without first probing your skills and needs...but happily, we don’t work with these companies. The better franchise companies, like those in our private clients group, have very strong qualification standards you must meet before they will award you an opportunity to purchase one of their franchises. Yes, that’s correct – you must be “approved” before you can buy. The reason for this is because the strength of any franchise organization is only as strong as its individual owners – and you would WANT to be part of an organization that recognizes this.

As a result, the process of finding a franchise is more like finding a job – complete with interviews! And, like a job search, you can spend countless hours, wading through information, making countless phone calls, sending hundreds of emails – unless you know what you need. And you never feel fully “in control” of the process.

This is where we can help. We interview and pre-screen all companies in our private clients group in order to find the companies that meet strong and consistent performance criteria and are more likely to weather an economic storm – saving YOU time and frustration. Our in-depth assessment of your needs – and our ability to direct you to the most appropriate franchises for those needs -- is unsurpassed in the industry. We have a toolkit of educational resources and a proven 3-phase process that is designed to ensure you “cover all of the bases.”

But what we also provide you is the training and support YOU need to be at your “interviewing best” – so that all franchise companies see you as an outstanding potential owner -- and YOU feel more in control.

All the “heavy-lifting” required of an in-depth evaluation is done in advance, as we have pre-screened thousands of available franchises on YOUR behalf

You have to invest your time and energy – but they will be focused and efficient

No short cuts – just 3 relevant learning phases

Getting Started

Your first step is a brief telephone conversation, so that we can begin to learn more about each other

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In general, our approach has 3 phases to help you learn about franchising and your future:

1. Personal Assessment – where we concentrate on learning everything we can about YOU that might be relevant to franchising – and help you set your goals for your search

2. Introduction and Evaluation – where we introduce you to appropriate franchises for your goals – and work side-by-side with you to help you get to know and “experience” these companies as you should while gaining a basic education about franchising

3. Success On Your Terms – where we help prepare you for your final decision regarding a purchase of a franchise, and for your future success, if you choose

You can always seek even additional information than what our approach provides you – but it will likely be more than you really need. Again, we’re all about focusing on what’s right for YOU, so your mind is clear and have a better chance of making an informed decision that can bring you potential success.

The YOU Network's Franchise Growth Series

The YOU Network's Franchise Growth Series

When you purchase a franchise, after having worked with The YOU Network, you become part of an elite group that has access to The YOU Network’s proprietary library. Our white paper collection, The Franchise Growth Series, is available to you when you login to our website, and contains over 100 articles on general management principles in franchising – all designed to help you be more successful in your business venture.

Ask your consultant for a sample white paper – they will be happy to provide.   Learn more

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NOTE: While all franchise investments are different, you should know in advance that you will need a minimum of $40,000 liquid capital (cash savings, securities, home equity) and a net worth of at least $300,000 to meet the investment requirements of the quality franchise companies we work with.

ALSO NOTE: If you have money invested in IRA's or 401K's, you may potentially qualify to leverage this to purchase your franchise business - without early withdrawal penalties. For more information, fill out the form below, and discuss with your consultant.

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